The right college prep boarding school provides your child with an academically fast-paced environment that mimics the college experience. Many students enrolled in boarding schools note that living with their peers can push them to succeed academically and socially, more than if they were enrolled in a traditional school.

At boarding high schools, education infiltrates all aspects of your child’s life. Choosing the right private school can be challenging, but we think you’ll find many reasons to choose AUP for your child’s boarding school. Here are four things to look for when searching for the right boarding high school.

1. Academic Offerings

Selecting a school with comprehensive academic offerings is important to allow your child to explore different fields and areas of study, so they can discover what subject areas they like and can succeed at. Some boarding high schools may specialize in a certain discipline that aligns with what your child is interested in.

AUP provides a discovery-based education program rooted in the liberal arts and sciences and prepares students for acceptance and future success at select colleges and universities across the country.

2. Explore the School’s Philosophy

For each boarding high school on your short list, find out what their general stance is on education. Some private schools have educational outlooks that diverge from the mainstream, while others have traditional ideas of what a boarding high school education should provide.

At AUP, our mission is to prepare students to become global leaders full of integrity and knowledge, so they can be problem-solvers and have a positive impact on a fast-paced world that’s always changing. We do this by creating a culture that encourages collaboration, creativity, curiosity and critical thinking.

3. Extracurricular Activities

Activities that take place outside of the classroom are a big part of a well-rounded education. Take a look at each school’s activity offerings and determine if your child would be interested in any of them.

Look for a wide variety of activities to choose from.

At AUP, we offer a wide variety of fun activities that encourage students to pursue their individual interests while spending time with friends. With Los Angeles as the backdrop to the campus, students can take advantage of everything the city has to offer.

4. Students’ Cultural Background

If it’s important to you for your child to be exposed to different languages, customs and cultural backgrounds, consider a boarding high school with a diverse student population. It can help expand their knowledge of the world and help foster acceptance. AUP is situated in the diverse city of Los Angeles, CA and welcomes applications from international students.

5. Level of Staff Support

A boarding high school’s residential life staff should be supportive and available to assist students after the academic portion of their day is over. Whether it’s to provide social support, counseling or just a sympathetic ear, at AUP our residential staff encourages students to be independent and adventurous.

Whether you’re just beginning your search for a boarding high school or have narrowed down your list to a select few, consider AUP for your child. Find out more about applying to AUP online, or contact us at 212-282-9823 to get your questions answered.