student interviewing for boarding school

Applying to and finding the right boarding school is exciting — and part of that application process is scheduling an interview, usually with someone in admissions, at the school, you’re applying to. If you’ve scheduled a boarding school interview at AUP Schools, you might be wondering what questions your interviewer might ask you. Here are some possible questions to expect and suggestions for how to approach your answer.

1. What memorable cultural experiences have you had?

This broad question allows you to recall notable cultural experiences you’ve had, either in school or outside of school. AUP School is a multicultural environment — students from all over the world attend AUP Schools and, as a result, the friendships you make and relationships you form with faculty will be across many cultures different from your own.

In recounting these experiences, you might find a reason to explain your situation or another’s based on culture — such as “This misunderstanding or event happened because of the differences in our cultures.” However, at AUP Schools, we teach that these shortcuts in thinking are often incorrect. Instead, you can learn to interpret the actions of yourself and others with different explanations.

2. How would your friends describe you?

Are you social, funny, serious? Or a combination of all three? Remember that how you define your personality is often based on how others perceive you. At AUP Schools, everyone from peers to faculty gets to know you in a specific way, but we also encourage students to take risks with developing their character. We don’t want people to pretend to be someone they’re not, but we do encourage students to explore activities and options that may be outside their comfort zone.

When answering this question, think about how you behave in small groups versus one-on-one with the interviewer and elaborate on that.

3. How do you deal with stress?

Teenagers are constantly having to deal with stressful situations, mainly due to your ongoing development. Your brain is changing as it learns new things; you’re interacting with new environments, new people and new ideas. Knowing your body’s response to stress and recognizing times when you’re feeling stressed are good lifetime habits to develop. Talk about what you’ve learned up to this point about dealing with stress. What are some strategies you use to combat stressful feelings or situations?

4. How have you recovered from a setback or disappointment?

Whether it was a bad grade or not making a sports team, this interview question asks you about a setback or disappointment you’ve experienced, which gives the interviewer a perspective on your ability to persevere and try again. When answering this question, tell a story about a time you experienced a setback and focus on what you learned from it.

5. What activities do you plan on participating in at our school?

Hopefully, you have done your homework and browsed through the AUP Schools site. To answer this question, you might relate an interest of yours to some of the school’s co-curricular opportunities. One of the goals of AUP Schools is to provide as well-rounded an education as possible, and this includes your participation in activities outside the classroom. To learn more about AUP Schools or to schedule a campus visit, contact us today.