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ate spring and early summer is the graduation season for American high schools. Graduates from American University Preparatory School (AUP), located in Downtown Los Angeles, achieved outstanding performance, attracting attention from local authorities and the educational community.

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On May 27, 2017 AUP held a graduation ceremony attended and recognized by City of Los Angeles officials. AUP is a small-scale, private boarding school that was established in 2014.The class of 2017 received 48 prestigious university and college acceptances. Two acceptance offers were received from Stanford University. One student received acceptance offers from both Columbia University and MIT. Two students received wait list decisions from Harvard University. Students also received acceptance offers from UC Berkeley, Purdue University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Michigan, University of Southern California, Texas A&M and the Juilliard School of Performing Arts. A total of 48 prestigious and top-tier university offers were received with 20% of the graduates admitted to the top five universities and colleges and 50% of the graduates admitted to the top 20 universities and colleges in the United States.

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As a highly elite, international college preparatory high school, AUP enrolls both domestic and international students. Students are required to pass strict proficiency tests before they are admitted, and then they will receive 3 years of elite education.

AUP has 18 faculty and staff. Every teacher is an expert in his/her subject. AUP maintains small class sizes in order to maximize student-teacher relationships with an average class size of eight students. The design of the curriculum content breaks from traditional teaching methods and employs a 21st century approach to interdisciplinary education. AUP’s curriculum, created by the faculty of AUP, fosters students’ ability to think analytically, solve complex problems, and communicate effectively. There are 5 courses offered in school, they are Academic Leadership, Interdisciplinary and Global Research, Visual Arts, Digital Media Arts and Computer Science. In AUP, while paying attention to students’ grades, the teachers attach more importance to students’ ability to resolve complicated problems and their talents discovery. As this education concept is very close to that of the American famous schools, AUP graduates are naturally highly popular.

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Dr. Woods, head of AUP, once served as the Superintendent of Schools for both the San Marino Unified School District and the Beverly Hills Unified School District. Combining his previous teaching management experience, Dr. Woods points out that public schools put rules and regulations first and meanwhile provide education services to thousands of students, whereas in small-scale private schools like AUP, teaching is individualized, the classes are designed according to each student’s actual situation and students’ creativity is inspired through various teaching methods.

Chinese entrepreneur Huang Wei, founder of AUP, also attended the Graduation Ceremony on May 27. According to the school, Huang Wei is the first entrepreneur to establish a full-time private school in US, and he has set up a scholarship for students who are from poor family but have excellent academic performances to realize their dreams.

Faced with the first batch of graduates, Huang Wei felt both gratified and regretful. What regrets him is, over 200 Chinese students applying for AUP every year, no one is able to pass the entrance examinations, and hence, there will be no Chinese graduates in the following two years.