Innovative Urban Education in Downtown Los Angeles


AUP is situated between 3rd and 4th Streets along the Figueroa Corridor in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA). AUP is the first boarding high school established within the DTLA region. The cornerstone of the AUP experience is the full immersion into a major city center. Students develop the social, emotional, and practical skills needed to thrive both within and beyond the classroom. Students begin with an introspection of the Self, and then move outward to understand the environmental space they occupy and ultimately how their dreams can eventually impact the world.

AUP maintains exceedingly high expectations for student achievement, and educational/student life experiences at AUP serve to maximize the academic, social, emotional, and physical potential of each student. Each of AUP’s comprehensive programs offers a challenging and rigorous curriculum. AUP’s unique immersive educational and boarding opportunities prepare students for the highest-level post secondary educational programs. The AUP staff works diligently to ensure that we are offering effective academic and student life programs to each student. Finally, AUP involved our entire team of educators and support staff, as well as students and parents, to establish our school wide learning goals that are reflected in the AUP Mission Statement.

AUP graduated its first cohort of students on May 27, 2017. These twelve (12) students secured a total of 48 acceptances from some of the nation’s most elite universities, including: Stanford University, Mass Institute of Technology, Columbia University, The Juilliard School of Music, University of California at Berkeley, University of Michigan, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania State University, University of Southern California, Texas A&M University, and the University of Virginia. As a new school, AUP is on a continuum regarding the development of academic pathways that yield both qualitative and quantitative data to measure outcomes and evaluate program effectiveness.”

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As a new, international boarding school located in Los Angeles, AUP enjoys a rich and vibrant cultural, economic, ethnic foundation. Our current group of forty-six (46) students hail from sixteen (16) unique countries and territories, including the USA, China, South Korea, Botswana, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Czech Republic, Russia, Ukraine, Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, and India. Our parents are largely working professionals who associate with international commerce and governmental organizations. Though challenging to communicate across multiple timelines, languages, and territories, we are consistently trying to improve the way we communicate with our international families. Our new RenWeb system simplifies the steps involved when communicating internationally and we have started to use other tools to communicate such as WhatsApp, SKYPE and other applications. We continue to experiment with live streaming the major events so that parents have another way to connect with the school in real time.