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The AUP Explore Academy provides an urban education to advance modern skills, such as, citizenship, creative expression, cultural awareness, interdisciplinary focus, and collaborative learning. Urban responsibility covers many of the same goals as other boarding schools, that is, development through a standard set of courses in math, science, technology, and art. At AUP, students will develop an appreciation for learning traditional subjects in the context of citizenship. Our goals for students in the Explore Academy will be to have lead, accessed, and reinforced these skills, while simultaneously circling back to the larger goal of putting themselves into city life.

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Specific Outcomes

  1. Develop an appreciation for and aptitude in using creative technologies
  2. Advance student’s interests in one of the most culturally diverse and transparent cities in the world
  3. Gain confidence in accessing resources in an urban environment
  4. Apply general, course-based knowledge to real-world urban problems
  5. Increase faculty-to-student mentorship and mission-driven community
  6. Manage project development
  7. Develop leadership in urban resource management and education


Boarding schools offer a living situation like no other. Small, diverse communities living together with similar goals. On top of that, at AUP, our students live in an urban center. While urban education has different meanings, mostly involving equity and inclusion, we go beyond this to dedicate our efforts towards learning about how cities operate, are managed, and how they often fall short of their goals. Boarding school students in Downtown Los Angeles access both the pros and cons of living in this environment. The responsibility of a citizen rests on balance between our commitment to changing our environment and our personal pursuits.

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Interdisciplinary Approach

Very few academic disciplines receive as much attention as the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) programs these days. These are modern skills and students can take advantage of the interdisciplinary approach STEM offers. Students in these subjects can embrace the society’s need for employees to cover the ever-increasing need to advance in these areas. AUP goes beyond a traditional STEM program by challenging students to take a larger perspective. This perspective revolves around the other goals in the Explore Academy. We have seen in recent years and overreliance on technology, which neglects other important educational goals.

Cultural & Relational

Cultural literacy is essential to develop relationships across cultures. Our goal is for students to take advantage of Los Angeles’ diverse population and cultural activities. AUP’s location is within walking distance to a revitalized arts and education community. We partner with both the Colburn Music Academy and Dance Academy and regularly attend concerts and shows. Additionally, our international population with students from Poland, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, China, and America must come together to discuss bias and learn to empathize with each other.

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Perhaps the most essential characteristic of the innovative education programming in the Explore Academy is an emphasis on creativity. AUP currently has partnerships with the Piano Talent Performance Academy and the Colburn School of Music and Dance. Additionally, we are in the heart of what has been called the entertainment capital of the world. High school students are not only preparing for the rigors of the college academic life, they are also preparing for an ever-complex social life.

Grit & Perseverance

The AUP student will identify with these terms and see growth in this area. As previously mentioned, living in the city can be a challenge as the social life evolves quickly around us. Nonetheless, persevering through these challenges makes us grow stronger and more resilient to change. Colleges and Universities are increasingly looking for students who can demonstrate growth in this area. And, as we have seen college admissions professionals have identified AUP students as some of the top students in the country for their unique qualities.

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