Explore Academy

Innovative Urban Education in Downtown Los Angeles

AUP Explore Academy 1

The mission of the Explore Academy is to create the space for students to drive their curiosity and innovation.

At AUP our goal is not only to develop students within the standard model of education, that is, math, English, history and science, but also to look at one’s environment as a place of change, growth, and inspiration. With that in mind, the AUP Explore Academy is designed to drive student’s intellectual and creative curiosity in a larger urban context. Ultimately, the urban setting is perfect to optimize a student’s passions and healthy citizenship.

The relationship between the teacher and student is a lead-learning teaching strategy. Students define and customize their areas of interest and apply themselves to developing several skills sets towards their final goal. On top of this, in the DTLA Project students investigate how professionals in the public and private sectors are approaching major urban issues.

AUP’s faculty mentors students in these projects and assists them in connecting the curricular content to the issues. For instance, if a student has an interest in business, a teacher will help the student explore how the banking system and markets drive major development projects, which may then have an impact on the homelessness and transportation issues. Or, if students have an interest in computer technology, they may produce a documentary on how LA’s current revitalization movement utilizes scooter and app technology to solve transportation issues.

AUP Explore Academy 2

But there still remains a vast amount to be done before we accomplish our first objective-informed and intelligent citizens, and, secondly bring about the realization that we are all responsible for the trend of thought and the action of our times.

Eleanor RooseveltApril 1930

Learning to be a good citizen is learning to live to the maximum of one’s abilities and opportunities, and every subject should be taught every child with this in view.

Eleanor RooseveltApril 1930

The practical side of good citizenship is developed most successfully in school because in miniature one is living in a society, and the conditions and problems of the larger society are more easily reproduced and met and solved.

Eleanor RooseveltApril 1930

If I had an hour to solve a problem and my life depended on the solution, I would spend the first 55 minutes determining the proper question to ask… for once I know the proper question, I could solve the problem in less than five minutes.

Albert Einstein