Applying to AUP

Innovative Urban Education in Downtown Los Angeles

We are pleased that you are considering AUP to enrich your high school experience and understand that selecting an independent boarding school can be a stressful and confusing process. We have made every effort to make the application as simple and straightforward as possible.


There is so much in this one word. What is admission? In the spirit of inquiry, we turn to the origins of the word. The root words in the English word “admission,” are “ad” and “miss”. Together using the Latin roots the word literally means, “The act of sending to.”

Admissions is also about mission. When you decide to apply, you are taking the steps of going towards mission. Read the AUP Mission Statement and decide if the school’s mission inspires you.

“Admission or admissions?” is a common debate at schools. We choose to use the plural version of the word, admissions, since the process is about two missions: A student’s mission and the school’s mission.

As you move into the admissions process we hope you ask yourself the question, “What is AUP’s mission?” Moreover, we want you to ask yourself, “What is my mission, and how does it fit with AUP’s?

After you have had time to consider these questions, you will be ready to apply and follow the path through a series of gateways:

Gateway 1: Complete an application, answer our parent and student questionnaires, send us your unofficial transcript, and conduct an interview. After completing these steps, if the admissions committee determines that you are a good fit for the school, we will send you a conditional acceptance letter.

Gateway 2: Upon receipt you can immediately secure your spot with a deposit of $200. To advance to the next gateway, send us your standardized test scores, inquire about your financial options (if necessary), and begin the I-20 process (if necessary). After completing these steps, we will send you the Enrollment Contract.

Gateway 3: Read the Student Handbook, the AUP Model Student and Citizen Pledge, and the Enrollment Contract. These documents hold together the cultural fabric of our community and institution. If you agree, sign and submit these forms, along with a final deposit. After completing these steps, we will send you an official acceptance letter and, if necessary, an I-20 to apply for a US Student VISA.

Gateway 4: Post-acceptance you will need to finalize all parts of the application and enrollment process, including 3 recommendations, official transcripts, official test scores, and all enrollment forms. After receiving these documents, we will send you the academic information, your class schedule, calendar, and packing lists.

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