Admission FAQs

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Admission FAQs

The admissions season for the 2019-2020 academic year begins on October 1. Applicants, who complete all the admissions requirements, including the interview, will be notified on March 10, 2019. Applications received prior to February 1 will be given priority to interview with a member of the Admissions Committee. Applicants interested in starting in January for the second semester should contact the Admissions Office at

We understand that the cost of attending a high-quality boarding school is prohibitive for some students and their families, yet the demand for quality education is highly valued. AUP attempts to honor the needs of students and offers merit scholarships to students based on the student’s educational excellence, talent, and achievements. The Scholarship Committee makes scholarship decisions after the Admissions Committee has made their decision.

Admissions tests are good predictors of success in school; however, it is only one part of the application that identifies how a student will succeed at AUP. While we do not have a minimum score that applicants must attain to be considered for admission, all applicants must submit a standardized test score to us. Our SSAT school code is 1242, and our ISEE code is 570571.

International applicants whose first language is not English must submit an iTEP score if applying for grades 9 or 10 or a TOEFL score if applying for grades 11 or 12.

The Admissions Interview is a required part of the application process. The interview is the best opportunity for an applicant to learn about the culture, the academic environment, and the lifestyle of an AUP student. Once the Admissions Office receives all of the application materials, we will contact the applicant to schedule an interview, either on-campus or via Skype. On-campus interviews are preferred, however we understand the need for some applicants to interview remotely. Interviewees should be prepared to ask many questions.

Everyday is different and unique and can be built based on the student’s passions, interests, and ambitions. From the morning to evening, students and the faculty have access to the amazing resources of Downtown Los Angeles, including Pershing Square, LA Public Library, historic Union Station, YMCA, Broad Museum, Colborn School of Music and Dance, MOMA, Staples Center, Dodger Stadium, and much much more. Culturally there is no equivalent. Faculty are encouraged to utilize these resources on a weekly basis.

Yes! Applying to multiple schools will ultimately benefit the student and the school. Applications to multiple schools could present an obstacle for some applicants and their references; therefore, we accept the Standard Application Online (SAO) provided by SSAT. Please note that we may request additional materials upon review of your application if the committee feels we are missing pertinent information. Otherwise, please use the AUP online application portal to start the process.

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