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Ying Shang

Residential Life Supervisor / Mandarin Teacher

Ms. Shang grew up in Beijing, China, and Mandarin Chinese is her first language (Beijing dialect). With the credential of Teaching Chinese as Foreign language, Ms. Shang has direct teaching experience at multiple grade levels including K-2, middle school and high school in American private schools.

Ms. Shang feels fortunate to have the gift of being a teacher, and she is passionate about teaching Chinese. Ms. Shang understands that students are all individuals, and she endeavors to help each of them master their language skills while inspiring cultural aspects, personal interests, and how each of them can contribute to society.

Ms. Shang willingly embraces the challenge to become an exceptional educator by giving her time, research and preparation for every class. She would honor each opportunity to help her students obtain mastery over their language skills.

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Lily Shang

Faculty, Chinese Language