AUP Speaks

Innovative Urban Education in Downtown Los Angeles

AUP Speaks

AUP students are developing their “voice” and they have a lot to say about their lives, their education, and their place in a diverse global community. AUP SPEAKS is a platform that provides a variety of opportunities for them to interact with the larger community. It is an mechanism by which our students expand their perspectives through thought, action, and presentation. It is a way for them to learn and be inspired by others who have gone before them, to network, and to become an integral part of larger communities beyond the boundaries of the school. In turn, it is our hope that others in the community may catch the enthusiasm and creative spark from our students and take it back to their communities or businesses.

AUP Speaks 1

AUP Speaks 2

While we seek to produce quarterly events, our schedule depends on the availability of our audience and presenters.

  • In-house Workshops
  • Public Performances
  • Hands on Creative Activities
  • AUP/Colburn Performances
  • Drama Club/theater Course Coupling/Performance
  • Motivational Speakers

It is hoped that AUP Speaks will become a venue for local business and NGO leaders, esteemed academics, and government representatives to engage in a dialogue about issues of critical global importance, and collectively prepare the next generation of leaders to tackle these issues in innovative, diverse, collaborative ways.