Mission and Values

Innovative Urban Education in Downtown Los Angeles

Mission Statement

Our mission as an educational institution is to establish a conscientious organization, stimulate program innovation, and design structured educational pathways towards the goal of developing a strong culture, a healthy community, and influential strategic partnerships. As educators, we must respond to the creative and individual passions held by each student and direct him/her towards a goal of becoming studious, empathic, and ethical.

  • To prepare our students for admission to the top U.S. universities

  • To strengthen individual student’s passions within a directed exploratory program with highly-qualified and inspirational teachers

  • To create classroom lessons that are standards-based and outcome-driven and taught within a team teaching model

  • To nurture civil and civic-minded citizens interested in local and international affairs

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Mission and Values 2


American University Preparatory High School’s faculty and staff are enthusiastically dedicated to providing a rigorous, integrated education in the liberal arts and sciences (STEAM). Our outcomes-based curriculum combines college-preparatory subjects and creative exploratory blocks with cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art science labs. AUP’s location within the heart of Downtown Los Angeles serves our students with countless experiential activities and partnerships for exciting professional networking, cultural engagement, and age-appropriate entertainment opportunities. Our international students and multicultural faculty explicitly collaborate in creating a playful and healthy culture and community. Students enter with broad areas of interest and graduate able to communicate and demonstrate a growth mindset. AUP represents the very best of an urban education and lifestyle.

Academic Vision

One of the hallmarks of AUP’s programming is the development of an integrated learning block called “From A-to-STEAM.” Students are encouraged to explore their interests, hobbies, and contemporary creative outlets, and through a rigorous course of study, use their newly developed skills to focus their interests in culminating STEAM projects. The depth of the project depends on each student. Students may explore topics as modern as augmented and virtual reality to more conventional storytelling strategies; from complicated engineering tasks like robotics, to tasks as specific as horticulture; from traditional humanities, such as, the principles of philosophy, to more contemporary considerations, such as, social justice. Regardless of the depth and complexity of the projects, the outcomes for students are similar: Building team players, compassionate leaders, experts, mindfulness practitioners, problem solvers, and communicators.

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