Mission and Values

Building global leaders by understanding the world and changing it!

Mission Statement

Our mission is to immerse students in a culture of collaboration, creativity, curiosity, and critical thinking with the goal of preparing them to become future leaders and problem solvers in local and global spheres

  • To prepare our students for admission to the top U.S. universities

  • To develop well trained young leaders who are creative, innovative and entrepreneurial in their fields of choice

  • To blend classroom instruction with active engagement in the local corporate, scientific, and cultural communities

  • To foster ethical and community-minded global citizens

Mission and Values 1
Mission and Values 2

Academic Philosophy

At AUP, our academic philosophy is premised on the belief that each student is unique, with varied talents and learning styles, and as such, requires a diverse range of pedagogical strategies to maximize his/her learning process. Our faculty approach teaching from a multimodal perspective, employing: Socratic learning to facilitate discussions; blended learning to enable students to preview/review lectures online; project-based learning to promote critical thinking and hands-on learning; computer adapted learning to enable individualized growth and development; differentiated instruction to tailor teaching to students’ specific needs; and global studies to promote cultural sensitivity, social responsibilities, and global citizenship.

The learning environment at AUP is nurturing, positive, and encouraging. We keep the student to teacher ratio to a maximum of 8:1 in order to make every effort to foster success in each student. We believe that real-world learning must go hand-in-hand with classroom learning. We are committed to develop opportunities for students to engage in learning outside of the classroom setting. Ultimately, our goal is to instill in our students a sense of everlasting wonder, a spirit of exploration and innovation, the courage to persevere through challenges, and the vision to pursue their passion with gravitas and integrity.