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Partnership Driven Programming
Downtown Los Angeles has emerged as a major hub of artistic, cultural, entertainment, and business activity for the region. We at AUP have already formed a number of rich and meaningful partnerships that are dramatically shaping our curriculum and the student experience, with a specific focus on the Arts and Athletics.
Our students are presented with opportunities to experience world-class museum exhibits, sporting events, lectures, and performances available at no other boarding school. 

The American University Preparatory School is a proud partner with the Ketchum-Downtown YMCA.  The YMCA is an organization dedicated to helping young people develop a healthy lifestyle, which is an important part AUP’s holistic approach to a 21st Century education for its students.  The programing for Physical Education courses at AUP allows students to choose their own path towards developing heathy lifestyles and exercise habits. 

The YMCA offers a rotating list of 6 week courses including Yoga, Strength Training, Tennis, Swimming, and more.  These six week courses comprise the more traditional PE track that students can follow. These courses are offered three times a week, with some sessions in the morning and some in the afternoons.  The YMCA is also where many of our AUP sports, such as Basketball and Hip-Hop Dance, meet to practice three times each week.  These sports can count for PE credit and students that choose this track participate in the sport for the entire year.  For those that are looking for a more individualized Physical Education course, students are allowed to design their own training program under the supervision of their PE instructor. 

Regardless of their track, all students identify a fitness goal they hope to achieve at the beginning of the year.  Each week they record what physical activities and exercises they completed and reflect on how they are progressing toward their fitness goal.  Each student’s Activity Log is monitored by their PE instructor who provides feedback, training tips, health and nutrition advice, and helps shape the program to fit each students specific needs.

AUP students have the unique opportunity to attend classes at the Colburn School as part of their regular curriculum to fulfill their high school arts requirements.  Students select courses of their interest that suit their academic schedules with the assistance of Ms. Nolan and Ms. Lee, who oversee CALD (Center for Academic Leadership and Development). 
For the 2015-2016 academic year, Colburn's Music Academy Students will be invited to attend AUP and live on campus with our students. Like AUP, Coburn's students are internationally diverse and very gifted, they will fit well with our students, and enjoy our rigorous yet rewarding curriculum.