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Colburn School for Music

Music Department

The Music Department has world-class individual and group instruction for a wide variety of ages, levels and musical interests.

AUP students have the unique opportunity to attend classes at the Colburn School as part of their regular curriculum to fulfill their high school arts requirements.  Students select courses of their interest that suit their academic schedules with the assistance of Ms. Nolan and Ms. Lee, who oversee CALD (Center for Academic Leadership and Development). 

Click here to visit The Colburn School's page for more information on the Music Department. 

For the 2015-2016 academic year, Colburn's esteemed Music Academy Students will be invited to attend AUP and live on campus with our students. Like AUP, Coburn's students are internationally diverse and very gifted, they will fit well with our students, and enjoy our rigorous yet rewarding curriculum.