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Student Services

Student Services

AUP faculty works hard to ensure that as students you receive the best quality care and support on top of your educational needs. We provide academic advising, college counseling, academic tutoring, ESL support, international services, and personal counseling to help you transition from middle school to high school and to college in as smooth a manner as possible.


Academic Advising

Upon enrollment, you are assigned an academic advisor who guides you through all of the first-year procedures, help you select classes based on your needs, strengths, and interests, and assist you with any academic challenges that you may encounter. After your first year, you will select three advisors whom you believe would best serve as mentors and counselors for your remaining years at AUP. The administration and faculty then “match” you with an academic advisor from your list whom we also believe would best help you meet your educational goals and personal needs.


College Counseling

Finding the right college is more than just looking at the top ranked schools and applying to all of them with a single essay and one packet of materials. The process is about finding yourself: What do you want to study? What fields interest you? Does the school offer the program or programs that you are looking for? How do you feel about being 1 out of 800 students in a large lecture hall? What learning style helps you excel the most? What kind of school culture helps you thrive as a student and an individual? Is this college or university the right fit for you? Will you be happy at the school with its immediate surrounding for the next four years of your life?


We offer a variety of printed and online resources as well as informational workshops to help you make informed decisions about your college choice. We lay out the options, we give advice, and we engage with you in your thought process, but ultimately, you (not your counselors, teachers, or parents) are in control of which colleges and universities you decide to apply to.


Academic Tutoring

AUP courses are demanding, and the nature and quality of work expected of you may not be the traditional paper-and-pencil type of work that you are used to. Because we are a 24-7 school, teachers are available each afternoon and evening to answer any questions students may have, and you can post questions in a class discussion forum to receive immediate peer assistance. At AUP, we emphasize collaboration rather than competition, and we believe that student-to-student learning is just as important as teacher-to-student learning. Of course, face-to-face meetings can also be arranged with the course instructor at any time. 


Additionally, students with High Honors and Honors standing may apply to serve as peer tutors in the Academic Tutoring Center. Your leadership qualities and high academic standing in serving in this extracurricular capacity is notable on a college application.

Study hall is also available most evenings. Many times, an AUP instructor will be available to offer assistance.


ESL Support

As an international school, AUP understands that English is not necessarily every students’ primary language. While teachers deliver their instruction bearing ESL strategies in mind, we are aware that additional ESL support may be necessary for some students to grasp more challenging academic concepts. Our faculty has a wealth of experiences in ESL instruction, and after-school tutoring support is available for students who require additional accommodation in second language acquisition.


International Services

AUP is fully equipped to provide assistance and answer questions related to international studies. We work with immigration lawyers, cultural organizations, and international agencies to address the needs and concerns of students and families.


Personal Counseling

During your studies at AUP, you may encounter personal or family issues that require counseling services. Please do not hesitate to turn to one of the school directors at the school to discuss your concerns so that we can find the proper professional services to help you address your needs.