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College Planning & Readiness


AUP believes in helping each of our students in developing his or her potential, both academically and creatively. We strive to nurture each student’s talents and strengths by helping each graduating class get into the colleges and universities that provide the best fit for their individual needs. Our math and science program fosters students who are passionate in the STEAM fields and who desire to attend the nation’s top universities in those disciplines. No matter their interests, we expect our students to be competitive for admission into select American colleges and universities. 

Each student is unique, and we take special care in matching individual students with an appropriate university. We proactively assist students with the admissions process, from identifying possible avenues of higher education, to making sure that all of their application materials are accurate and complete. AUP students will be ready for academic success and able to gain admission into top public and private universities.

Our college preparation initiative begins with CALD (Center for Academic Leadership and Development) the moment students start at AUP. To learn more about CALD, click here.