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Academic Calendar


2016-17 Academic Year

Opening of School

8/7/16 New Student Move-in*

8/8/16-8/10/16          New Student Orientation

8/8/16                       New Student Placement Tests

8/10/16                     Registration Day

8/9/16-8/10/16          Returning Student Move-in

*Note: All new students must arrange to arrive on August 7, 2016 between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm. Earlier arrivals will have to arrange transportation and lodging on their own.

1st Semester

8/11/16   First Day of School

9/5/16                         Labor Day: No Classes

10/14/16                     End of 1st Quarter

10/17/16                     Begin 2nd Quarter

11/11/16                     Veteran’s Day: No Classes

11/23/16-11/25/16     Thanksgiving Break: No Classes (W-F)

12/12/16-12/16/16   1st Semester Finals Week (M-F)

12/16/16                     End of 1st Semester and 2nd Quarter

12/17/16   Students depart campus

12/19/15-1/6/17         Winter Break: No Classes

2nd Semester

1/8/17  All students return to campus

1/9/17                         Begin 2nd Semester and 3rd Quarter

1/16/17                       Martin Luther King, Jr. Day: No Classes

2/20/17                       Presidents’ Day: No Classes

3/17/17                       End 3rd Quarter

3/20/17-3/27/17        Spring Break: No Classes (M-F, M)

3/28/17                      Begin 4th Quarter

5/29/17                       Memorial Day: No Classes

5/26/17-6/2/17           2nd Semester Finals Week (F, M-F)

6/2/17                        Last Day of School

End of School/Check-Out

6/3/17-6/4/17            Student Check-Out (All students must move out)

6/5/17-6/9/17            Summer Maintenance: School Closed

6/9/17                      Grades Posted